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Monday22 May 2017

Max - Percussion

Max - Percussion

Being also born and raised in Berlin, he completes the 100% Berliner Rhythm section of the band. After his prior musical experiences in Pop-Rock and Heavy Metal groups, he discovered Klezmer music through the band. But his rhythmical journey doesn't end with Klezmer, as he plans to embark on a musical travel to Turkey, India, and the south American and African continents to learn from and play with local musicians. Being able to say ' I am allergic to strawberry, tomatoes and apples' in Polish demonstrates his extraordinary language acquiring skills that will help him carry out his dreams. Nonetheless, Those dreams might have to wait a while as Max is currently earning money through performing with the Knoblauchs and babysitting (unfortunately not at the same time). But worry not, After shooting, directing and editing a short movie about the band that fell short from being nominated for the Oscars, Max's future carrier opportunities are more promising than ever before.

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