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Monday22 May 2017

Mystery Man - Accordion

Mystery Man - Accordion

Born in Edinburgh (Scotland) to Irish parents. Since then, so it seems, this human hasn't stopped playing music. After finishing his Piano and Composition studies at 'the Royal Academy of Music' in London, he moved to Berlin, where he spreads his musical geniality between 6 different bands.

Apart from garlicky Klezmer, the Mystery Man plays in a laptop live coding duo, a mathcore band, a piano jazz trio, an electro-acoustic drone rock band and works as a professional classical piano accompanist and programmer of audio applications. But not all is in order in his life – apart from being helplessly addicted to some boardgames (Siedler von Catan), he also happens to live in the God forsaken neighborhood of Wedding Berlin, far away from his southern friends, and is even a Wedding local proud patriot. The secret yearning for the suburb cultures of Berlin can also explain the fact that he knows more about German Schlagermusik than the average German pensioner.

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